Crafted research-driven cybersecurity tools at IBM Security. Delivered pixel-perfect designs for global clients at IBM iX. Studied Information and UX Design at The University of Michigan. Sonny Mehta Scholar at The University of East Anglia, UK. Forever User Advocate.
Hiya, I'm Bharat Raj Nair — a Senior Product Designer with 4 years of experience building intuitive, robust design solutions and shipping user-centered products.
Elevating the UX for Blind and Visually-impaired Users at LookingBus

How I helped empower Blind and Visually-impaired Users to use the Ann Arbor public transit system by designing, researching, and testing an award-winning mobile User Experience.

Improving the Threat Monitoring Dashboard for IBM Security

How I improved IBM Security's resolution times and enhanced Service Level Agreements (SLA) performance by leveraging primary user research to design an intuitive, action-rich dashboard for security analysts.

Designing the Cloud Security Dashboard for IBM Security

How I streamlined the IBM Security analyst experience and optimized response times by crafting a user-focused dynamic dashboard. Plus how I forged cohesive, scalable user experiences across the IBM Design ecosystem by developing a robust Figma design system library.

Crafting the Cloud Security Trial Experience for IBM Security

How I enhanced an IBM Security trial experience and fostered a stronger research-focused approach within global design teams across IBM Security by spearheading research efforts and uncovering insights about how users utilize cybersecurity trials.

Design Work