Short comic


A middle-aged woman zones out in a party. As she gets lost in her thoughts and dreams, she is forced to contemplate her life and her marriage.

Emotionally and narratively speaking, I tried to capture a particular, personal moment of anxiety and to heighten and explore this rather emotive mental state. In the interest of exploration and experimentation, I chose to tell the story through second-person narration, and I used subtle behaviors and facial expressions to convey her mental state and emotional arc.

Writer, Storyboarding, Producer: Bharat Raj Nair

Penciller, Inker, Letterer: Nenad Cviticanin

Short comic


As war is upon them, a scientist is forced to upload his dying wife’s consciousness to an alternate dimension. He spends the rest of his life, against all odds, fighting his way back to her.

Past the sci-fi and high-conceptuality, this comic was about enduring strife to be back with your love. It's about making difficult choices about your loved ones, trying to do right by them, and the sacrifices and suffering that accompanies it all.

Writer, Storyboarding, Producer: Bharat Raj Nair

Penciller, Inker: Mac Radwanski

Letterer: Jamie Me

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